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  • About us

    Family owned business Suempol was established in 1989 in Bielsk Podlaski
    by Urszula and Edward Sieciński. At the beginning, the company was processing
    prawns from Belgium and Holland, which after refining, were exported back to
    the same markets, including Belgian Royal Castle.

    Presently in our offer you can find halibut, trout and smoked salmon, the
    latter which is our main product and accounts for 97% of the whole production.
    We only import the best species of fish from North Norway and Alaska,
    which guarantees the top grade quality of our products.

  • Choosing Suempol Brand, you choose:



    The highest quality of products

    Production in our factory is systematically controlled and checked according to HACCP quality system. This ensures that you will always have fresh and safe products. We also have ISO 22000, 9001 quality systems and IFS certificates (International Food Standard), BRC, MSC, which are the proof of the top quality of our products.

    Our own plant in Norway allows us to select product during the acquiring phase, while a special computer system monitors the whole production process. This guarantees that the product you receive at home is of the best quality.


    Always fresh and delicious product

    We use modern technologies to ensure that our fish is as fresh as on the haul day. We check carefully the quality of our fish during each product phase. The long maturity period as well as drying and smoking fish in a beech smoke causes the product to have exceptionally light taste and aroma.


    Unique delicious taste

    Our products are characterized by the unique taste, which is owed to our technological process. Salmons are free from artificial colourings and preservatives and the only preservative ever used is salt. Thanks to this we can extract from salmon what is the best- excellent taste, aroma and unique, tasty look.