Italiano salmon sausages


Shredded, smoked, steamed salmon sausage.

Italiano salmon sausages with a hint of garlic, tomato and herbs. The sausages have a distinctive taste thanks to the smoking process and the addition of aromatic spices. It is also worth not forgetting about their nutritional properties, because they contain a number of healthy omega-3 fats and D and B vitamins, which have a beneficial effect on the immune system. The product is perfect for family barbecues!

Production method: bred.
Country of origin: Norway.
Packed in a protective atmosphere.
Product in an edible casing. The product is ready to eat.

Available in company-owned stores and local supermarkets.

Nutritional values:
Energy value 1005 kJ/220 kcal
fat 15g
including saturated fatty acids 2.3g
carbohydrates 3.9g
including sugars 0.5g
protein 17g
salt 1.8g

Vitamin E content 4.1 mg / 100g
Content of omega-3 fatty acids: EPA and DHA – 360 mg / 100g.


  • Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) 78%
  • wheat flour (gluten)
  • plant fibers
  • bamboo fiber
  • starch
  • soy protein isolate
  • salt
  • spices
  • aromas spice extracts
  • natural flavors
  • sugar
  • vegetable protein hydrolyzate
  • dried vegetables
  • herbs
  • yeast extract

Information for partners

  • Packaging weight


  • Carton capacity

    10 packagings

  • Pallet capacity

    240 cartons

  • Storage temperatures

    -20C do +60C

  • Shelf life

    28 days from the date of delivery

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  • 1 stage - verified sources

    Our salmon is a product about which we care right from the day of fishing until the moment of its delivery to our customer. We make sure that only a salmon from a reliable source can set on a journey to your table.

  • 2 stage - Temperature Monitoring

    At every stage of the journey, the transported salmon is subjected to a continuous temperature monitoring.

  • 3 stage - several control points

    The salmon which reaches our company is subjected to a number of controls to ensure the repeatability of both quality and the taste of fish served to our customer.

  • Stage 4 - carefully selected

    Salmon arriving at your tables comes from a carefully selected raw material from the best parts of the fish.