Salmon kofta


Atlantic salmon kofta with spices, baked.

Salmon kofta is a refined feast for gourmets who value the highest quality and unique culinary experiences. Our product not only has excellent taste, but also a wealth of nutritional values that support a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to the high content of protein and omega-3 acids, salmon kofta strengthens the body’s immunity and provides optimal support for your health. Delicately seasoned and baked, salmon kofta delights with its subtle combination of flavors. The addition of spices goes perfectly with the natural aroma of salmon, giving it a unique character. This unique snack can be served cold, warmed or grilled, depending on your preferences and occasions.

Method of production: bred.
Country of origin: Norway.
The product is ready to eat.

Available at Carrefour and in company-owned stores.

Nutritional value in 100g:
Energy value 729 kJ/175 kcal
fat 9,7g
including 1,9g saturated fatty acids
carbohydrates 5,9g
including sugars 2,5g
protein 15g
salt 1.6g

Content of omega-3 fatty acids in 100g of the product: DHA – 466 mg, EPA – 333 mg.


  • Atlantic salmon 80%
  • CoC: 4056186460264
  • plant fibers
  • starch
  • spices
  • salt
  • sugar
  • aromas (including smoke aroma
  • vegetable protein hydrolyzate
  • spice extracts
  • ground black pepper

Information for partners

  • Packaging weight


  • Carton capacity

    According to order

  • Pallet capacity

    According to order

  • Storage temperatures

    -20C do +60C

  • Shelf life

    28 days from the date of delivery

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  • 1 stage - verified sources

    Our salmon is a product about which we care right from the day of fishing until the moment of its delivery to our customer. We make sure that only a salmon from a reliable source can set on a journey to your table.

  • 2 stage - Temperature Monitoring

    At every stage of the journey, the transported salmon is subjected to a continuous temperature monitoring.

  • 3 stage - several control points

    The salmon which reaches our company is subjected to a number of controls to ensure the repeatability of both quality and the taste of fish served to our customer.

  • Stage 4 - carefully selected

    Salmon arriving at your tables comes from a carefully selected raw material from the best parts of the fish.