Wild salmon sausages


Homogenized, smoked, steamed salmon sausage.

Smoked wild sockeye salmon sausages from Alaska. Thanks to the steaming process, they have a particularly delicate taste, which is characterized by the noticeable wildness of caught salmon. Wild salmon sausages are loved by both children and adults. It is also worth not forgetting about their nutritional properties, because they contain a number of healthy omega-3 fats and D and B vitamins, which have a beneficial effect on the immune system. Additionally, the product has a high protein content. The product is perfect for family breakfasts or dinners – perfect cold, delicious warm!

Production method: caught. FAO fishing area 67. Northeast Pacific Ocean (off the coast of Alaska).
Fishing gear: gillnets and similar.
Packed in a protective atmosphere.
The product is ready to eat after removing the casing.

Available in company-owned stores and local supermarkets.

Nutritional value in 100g:
Energy value 1005 kJ/170 kcal
fat 9.1g
including saturated fatty acids 1.7g
carbohydrates 5.1g
including sugars 1.7g
protein 16g
salt 2.0g

Vitamin E content 4.1 mg / 100g
Content of omega-3 fatty acids: EPA and DHA – 360 mg / 100g


  • Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) 85%
  • water
  • salt
  • spices
  • glucose
  • food flavorings
  • potato starch
  • plant fiber
  • peas starch

Information for partners

  • Packaging weight


  • Carton capacity

    5 packagings

  • Pallet capacity

    240 cartons

  • Storage temperatures

    -20C do +40C

  • Shelf life

    21 days from the date of delivery

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  • 1 stage - verified sources

    Our salmon is a product about which we care right from the day of fishing until the moment of its delivery to our customer. We make sure that only a salmon from a reliable source can set on a journey to your table.

  • 2 stage - Temperature Monitoring

    At every stage of the journey, the transported salmon is subjected to a continuous temperature monitoring.

  • 3 stage - several control points

    The salmon which reaches our company is subjected to a number of controls to ensure the repeatability of both quality and the taste of fish served to our customer.

  • Stage 4 - carefully selected

    Salmon arriving at your tables comes from a carefully selected raw material from the best parts of the fish.