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    Salmon is one of the most healthy fish species, because it contains large amounts of fatty Omega-3 acids, which are beneficial for our sight, memory, for the functioning of our blood vessels, heart, and brain and for the prevention of cancers and Alzheimer’s disease. This type of fish is also rich in other nutritional ingredients such as selenium, iodine, calcium and vitamins B, D and E. Specialists claim that eating salmon has an impact on our hormonal balance and on functioning of our immunological system.

    Salmon from Suempol is recognized by Prof. Zbigniew Religa Foundation of Cardiosurgical Development and is recommended as a preventative measure for heart disease. It also has anti-sclerosis, anti-thrombosis and anti-clotting qualities.

    Eating salmon is especially beneficial for kids and elderly and also for those who are on diet. As protein in salmon is easily absorbed, it makes the ideal solution for people who are conscious of healthy eating and who at the same time like to eat tasty meals.

    By eating salmon, you look after your own health.


    Salmon (Salmo salar) is a fish from Salmonids family (Salmonidae) living in the North part of the Altantic Ocean
    and its backwaters. They are also found in the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

    Salmonids can reach the maximum length of 150cm and can weigh up to 35kg.

    Salmonid body has a spindle-like shape, silver colour, with black dots on the sides. During spawning red dots appear on each side and bottom jaw bends upwards in a hook shape.

    At the end of December/beginning of January salmonids swim to cold rivers for spawning, where they can lay 26 thousands grains of orange spawn. Young salmon stay in rivers for the period of 2-3 years and then swim to the sea.

    Salmons are nostalgic- they usually
    swim for spawning to the same river where they were hatched.






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