Since the first day when the family company Suempol has come into existence, good relationships with others have always served as the foundation of its business operations. Since the early days of the family company Suempol’s existence, good relationships with
others have been serving as a pillar of its management policy. As the size of our company and the scope of our business activities has increased over the
years, the circle of people involved in various relationships with our company has grown as well. Our care for making these relationships strong and based on mutual respect, has enabled our company to grow quickly, to win the trust of its employees as well as the support of various local institutions and environmental protection organizations. As the foundation of these good relationships serves a consistent and friendly CSR policy which our company has been following in several different areas.

Relationships with Employees

As a family business, we are well-aware how important a family is in our employees’ lives. That’s why we place great emphasis on a family-based integration meetings, such as joint grilling and the little wheel attractions for the youngest. We also strive to ensure that, on a daily basis, not just for the holidays, our employees get to feel that they are our most valuable assets. Therefore, the company’s management policy consists in taking an individual approach to our each and every employee and in encouraging them to engage in a dialogue. An open communication and transparent working rules based on the same principles that apply to each employee create a positive atmosphere in our company. In this way, our company is able to support the families of our employees on a daily basis. This can be demonstrated amongst other things by the fact that in a year 2012 in The Reliable Employer Competition our company has been awarded The Employer –Organizer of Safe Work Prize. In addition to awards which our company has won it is also worth to mention the fact that the company’s workforce has doubled within the span of last three years.

Relationships with business partners/suppliers

The success of every company comes from the trust of its consumers. However, it would be impossible) without an extensive network of our business partners and our trustworthy suppliers. However, we are really grateful that we can enjoy a long-term cooperation based on a mutual trust. Business partnership principles help us with building these relationships in which it is of the highest priority for both sides to commit to a continuous improvement of the service quality, having in mind both the care about the natural environment as well as a desire to act in the best interests of our clients.

Environmental protection

The natural environment has always been a fertile source of our company benefits and for this reason its well-being has become a main priority in the company’s operations. Out of care for the environment, we are gradually and consistently implementing thoughtful innovations which are supposed to limit any possible negative impact of company business activities on a natural environment. Our company can therefore boast on using modern fishing chambers, its won water treatment plant facilities and the most modern sewage treatment plant in the region. These significant investments are complemented by promoting small daily activities such as: switching off non-used equipment, using intelligent light sensors and energy-efficient water supply systems, using green office equipment and adopting mindful printing. All of these activities that are supposed to create green habits within our company are a part of a longterm program of business changes and innovations which are designed to promote a sustainable development of our company in a harmony with the natural environment.

Relationships with the local community

We highly value our company relationships with the local community. The company nowadays operates on a global market but it has been created from a scratch in Bielsk
Podlaski. Not only do we want to be a good employer for its local community , but we also want to be its good neighbour. Therefore, in these relations we attach special importance to offering ad hoc assistance in the implementation of local initiatives and to sustaining the functioning of our centres in the region. We actively engage in supporting various school competitions, sporting events and in purchasing equipment needed for different scientific facilities, such as for instance a purchase of the piano for the music school in Bielsko. We also eagerly support good initiatives, on both a local and a national level, such as the
educational action for children and young people “Our Safety” or a nationwide Procession of the Three Kings 2020 in which we have participated as a strategic partner. We also try to offer our support to institutions which help others every day. Hence our involvement in the activities of: the Municipal Children’s Home, the “Amazonki” Foundation or the social care homes across Poland. Our participation in activities of these institutions stems from the need of the heart, as well as our support of the Professor Zbigniew Religa Foundation of Cardiac Surgery Development, for which we have even received the Heart Oskar Prize. We actively engage in numerous community charity initiatives out of our willingness to help the local community from which the company has grown out. The effectiveness of our involvement in activities aimed at well-being of the local community is evidenced by the fact that ever since 2004 Suempol each year has been awarded the Fair Play Prize. But the real motivation behind our willingness to build good and lasting relationships with the local community doesn’t come from an expectation of any rewards, but rather from our desire to achieve visible results of the company’s commitment to the well-being of the local community and the joy which it can bring to its members. As the most recent example of our commitment to support these activities which can significantly benefit the local community can serve our involvement in the financial support
of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Our company has provided aid of 1 million PLN, including among other things the purchase of 4 mechanical ventilators for the District Hospital in Bielsk Podlaski, endowments as well as purchases of the most necessary goods for a number of medical units, not only from Bielsk Podlaski itself, but also from Białystok and Kraków. It is also worth to mention that Suempol supports culture. In 2020, we have managed to
establish a cooperation with the Cracow Festival Office by becoming its patron for this year.