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    We have been producing salmon since 1989 and our
    products are distinguished by high quality and
    exceptional taste. During the production process no
    artificial colourings or preservatives are used,
    except salt. Thanks to it, our product is healthy
    and has a delicious taste served either warm or cold.

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    Classic salmon

    We are choosing only the highest quality salmon from Superior class, which is ideal for sandwiches, salads and cold snacks.


    Gourmet Salmon

    Gourmet Salmon is a real feast for your palate. Special salt causes the salmon meat to become tender and light.


    Premium Salmon

    In order to satisfy our most demanding customers, we created Premium class product line. Premium Salmon is the top quality Norwegian Salmon.


    Premium Salmon Bar

    Premium Salmon bar is the highest quality meat from salmon which is cut from the very centre of fillet. Salmon Bar is the best and the most precious part of the fillet.


    Hot smoked Salmon pralines

    Living in a constant rush causes that we often do not have time to eat something healthy. To look after your needs, we offer you a quick and health snack –salmon pralines.


    Hot smoked Salmon

    Hot smoked salmon is another suggestion from our extensive offer. It is excellent as a dish on its own or as an addition to sandwiches or salads.


    Scandinavian Salmon

    Salmon is a rich source of fatty acids from Omega-3 groups. They are essential for health and good functioning of our body and system.


    Atlantic Salmon

    Atlantic salmon has a small amount of fishbones and has a tasty, light meat. It can be used not only for grilling but also for steam cooking, frying, baking or stewing.


    Salmon pieces 300

    Pieces of cold, smoked salmon are great as an individual dish. Meat that is smoked with specially selected wood mix becomes delicate, soft and aromatic and becomes even more delicious when mixed with spices.


    Salmon for salads

    In a healthy and varied diet you can’t forget about salads. To enrich the flavour of salads we recommend you adding our smoked salad salmon. Salmon for salads can be mixed with any type of lettuce.


    Range of taste compositions

    In our offer you can find salmon with different flavours. It is ideal choice for those who value comfort and want to spend less time in the kitchen.


    Norwegian Salmon NET

    Norwegian salmon is one of the most often bought fish. It can be eaten baked as well as raw, and its meat is full of healthy ingredients.