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Good company equals good relations

From the first day of operating our family business, Suempol, good relations were a foundation of its management. As the business developed, the circle of people relations within the company has widened. Our efforts in making these relations strong and based on a mutual trust, contributed to fast growth of the company and gained trust of our employees, local institutions and environmental organizations. The foundation of these good relations is the consistent and friendly policy operated by the company in the following areas:

Relations with employees

As a family business we know how important the family is to the lives of our employees . That is why we pay a lot of attention to family orientated social events, such as barbecues or Santa visits for small children. We strive to make our employees feel that they are our most valuable capital. Hence the policy of management in our company places importance on an individual approach to each employee and encourages dialogue. The dialogue and the clear rules of conduct contribute to a friendly atmosphere, enhanced by the equal procedures that are the same for every employee. In this way we manage to implement a family unit on an everyday basis in our company. Our actions are valued in many ways, among these are, the award received in 2012 in the plebiscite ‘Reliable Employer” and the award won in the competition “Employer- the organizer of a safe workplace’. In addition to these awards, the number of people employed in our company in the last 3 years has doubled.

Relations with partners/suppliers

The success of the company lies in the trust of its consumers. It wouldn’t be possible to achieve it without the appropriate database of business partners and reliable suppliers.
We are pleased that our interactions with business partners are based on long-term, trusted cooperation. The rules of partnership help us in building business relations, in which priority for both sides is the need for continuous improvement of services, both for our clients and for the environment which we derive from.

Preservation of the environment

The source of a company’s blessing is the environment, hence it became the priority in all of the company’s actions. As we care for the environment, we are constantly introducing well-thought innovations to minimize negative influence on our habitat. We are proud to use modern meat smoking chambers, our own water conditioning station and the most advanced sewage farm in the region. In addition to these important investments, we perform small everyday actions to introduce proecological habits within the company, such as: unplugging devices which are not in use, using intelligent light monitors and systems of economical water dosage, using ecological office devices or conscious print management. All of these actions are part of a long-term programme of changes and innovations in the company, introduced for the purpose of balanced development reached in harmony with the environment.

Relations with the local community

These relations are of high importance to us. The company operates in the international market, but has its roots in the Bielsk Podlaski region. We aim to be not only a good employer but also a good neighbor to the local community. That is why we put emphasis on interim help in carrying out local initiatives and functioning of local centres in the region. We support local school competitions, sporting events or restocking of scientific facilities, among these, the purchase of the piano for a musical school in Bielsk.
We gladly get involved in good cause local initiatives, such as the educational game „Our safety” organized for children and youth as well as national ones i.e. WOŚP action (The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity). We also offer our assistance to any institution which helps other people on an everyday basis. That is why we are involved in the activity of the City Orphanage (Miejski Dom Dziecka), Amazon Foundation (Fundacja Amazonki) or nursing home (Dom Opieki Społecznej) in the region. Our actions are heart-felt, as is our support for Foundation of Cardiosurgical Development (Fundacja Rozwoju Kardiochirurgii) for which we received the prestigious award- Oscar of the Heart. There are a lot of actions run in this area and all of them are the results of our willingness to help out in the region ,where the company was founded.
The best proof for our involvement and its efficiancy is the award „Fair Play” which has been received by Suempol every year since 2004. The real motivator for building good and lasting relations with the local community, however, are not awards, but the visible effect of the company’s commitment and the joy it brings to others.