Fresh salmon steak without loose skin


Fresh salmon steak without skin loose.

Salmon steak without skin is a fresh piece of fish which is suited both for frying on a pan as well as grilling. Healthy and nutritious, perfect as the main character of the home-made dinner or supper. The 200g version of the salmon without skin is excellent for people who are always rushing or who value the comfort of preparing their meals.

Method of production: Bred.
Country of origin: Norway.

Available at Frisco local supermarkets.



  • Salmo salar

Information for partners

  • Packaging weight


  • Carton capacity

    + / - 10 kg

  • Storage temperatures

    -20C do +40C

  • Expiration date

    7 days from the date of delivery

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  • 1 stage - verified sources

    Our salmon is a product about which we care right from the day of fishing until the moment of its delivery to our customer. We make sure that only a salmon from a reliable source can set on a journey to your table.

  • 2 stage - Temperature Monitoring

    At every stage of the journey, the transported salmon is subjected to a continuous temperature monitoring.

  • 3 stage - several control points

    The salmon which reaches our company is subjected to a number of controls to ensure the repeatability of both quality and the taste of fish served to our customer.

  • Stage 4 - carefully selected

    Salmon arriving at your tables comes from a carefully selected raw material from the best parts of the fish.